Jessica Simpson Offended American Indians


Jessica Simpson has pissed off more than just Tony Romo this time. Earlier this week, when asked if she would take back the pricey boat that she bought for former boy-toy Tony, she hastily responded with a no, saying, “I’m not an Indian giver.”

Her loaded response has created controversy and offended Native Americans across the country. Jacqueline L. Pata, the executive director of the National Congress of American Indians, explained that the term originated from the idea of native people giving and sharing with one another but that over time the phrase transformed into a prejudiced phrase that implies Native Americans give and revoke gifts.

She says that “most people flippantly use the comment ‘Indian giver,’ without realizing its true meaning…this is both incorrect in the way most people use it, and culturally insensitive to Native people.”

Do you think what she said was offensive?


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