Miley Cyrus’ ‘Stalker’ released


Mark Mcleod, a 53-year-old man accused of stalking Miley Cyrus, was arrested and booked on two misdemeanor charges last month in Tybee Island, Georgia.

Police arrested him as he stood with a crowd watching the filming of Cyrus’ latest film movie The Last Song on June 22. McLeod was allegedly making crude comments to the young girls in the crowd. When approached by police, the man became irate. He started screaming and fought officers who tried to arrest him.

McLeod violated a court order to stay away from the Disney star, as he often shows up to events that Miley attends, including a March book signing in NYC.

According to reports, he has “been camping at Tybee for three or four days and that he had observed Cyrus on her balcony, that he sent her special presents and that he was going to marry Cyrus and even invited the police officer to the wedding.”  He was released the following day due to jail overcrowding.

Below is a picture of McLeod and a video of him being interviewed and Miley’s book signing in New York.

I kind of feel bad for him cause in the interview he seems like a nice guy. But who knows if he’s putting on an act. Who knows if there’s something mentally wrong with him. Just on the surface he seems nice. What do you think?


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