Taylor Swift & Taylor Lautner Kissing?


Making for quite the cute on-set couple, Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift teamed up to shoot scenes for the new movie “Valentine’s Day” on Thursday (July 30). Showing off his buff body, the “Twilight” hunk busily worked on his track and field skills throughout the day – practicing the high jump and hurdles when not engaged in conversation with Miss Swift.  Due out in theaters in February 2010, “Valentine’s Day” finds “intertwining couples and singles in Los Angeles breaking-up and making-up based on the pressures and expectations of Valentine’s Day.”

Click ‘more’ for more pictures from the set including Taylor S. & Taylor L. Kissing.


One response »

  1. I thinlk Taylor Swift is the one always wanting more …
    You can see that on the 3 picture from the bottom…
    He’s just standing there and what is she doing ….. kissing him like there alone in the dark and there is no tomorrow ….

    I would be so much better for him^^

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