Vanessa Hudgens In InStyle Magazine


Cutie Vanessa Hudgens shows off her luscious locks on the newest issue of InStyle Makeover. The 20-year-old Bandslam beauty dished to the mag her beauty loves, fashion mistakes and the one item she couldn’t live without.

On her fashion style: “Completely all over the place. Sometimes I want to be the bohemian hippie and wear things that are completely floral and flowy. Other days, I’ll feel a little tougher and go for clothes that are harder; a lot of black

On the one item she couldn’t live without: “My Current Elliott Jeans. They’re all slouchy and they’re all distressed. They’re just fun.”

On her worst fashion mistake: “When I dyed my hair light brown with dark blonde highlights. My friends told me that it looked like I dipped my head in acid. I went back the next day and dyed my hair black, which was the best decision I could’ve ever done.”


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  1. hi im ally and i think your so pretty that sometimes people try to take advantage of u and u r agreat singer oh yeah my sister looks exactly like u im not the only one who think so every body says she looks like u. u and your boyfriend make a cute couple on camera and off camera u guys r so cute it was kewl telling u this but i have 2 go bye

    from ally 16 years old

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