Miley In Alabama With Nick?


Here’s a video of The Jonas Brothers possibly with Miley Cyrus posted by Here’s what she said in the video info: “I got to meet the Jonas Brothers (again) in Birmingham, AL on 08/16/2009. It was very nice for them to come over to meet with us. You have to overlook the screaming though (I was so excited). Yeah the camera is shaking, but I was very nervous and excited. Also the thing about Miley… Miley was there and you can see her beside Nick. You can google Miley and see pictures of her in the same boots she was wearing in my video.  The main thing is …Who cares if it was Miley? I don’t. I was there to meet the Jonas Brothers and this is what I got to do. I know Miley was there but that is the Jonas Brother’s personnal business and not mine.”

Some people are saying it’s not Miley and that it’s Danielle, Kevins Fiancee.. What do you think?


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