Are Some People Over Miley Cyrus?


Miley Cyrus performed at the D23 Expo today in Anaheim. She squealed to the audience of about 5,000 Disney fans: ‘I just got the [Last Song] book today!’. According to E Online!, the fans did not get much of a reception:

When John Travolta and Nicolas Cage appeared earlier in the day, they both received standing ovations from the megacrowd. And Miley, well, didn’t. The audience showed the pint-size diva cordial respect throughout her song, but during the panels’ opening clip show of Disney treasured and new classics (Nemo, Pretty Woman, Splash), Hannah Montana’s toothy mug would appear and the crowd would go noticeably silent.

Maybe the chill in the air was because Miley has been distancing herself from her wholesome Disney-produced image in this past year? Between her pole-dancing, topless snaps and racy magazine covers Miley’s been acting as though she’s gotten all the mileage she wanted out of her squeaky-clean persona and wants to move in a sexier, more adult direction. Will fans follow?

According to Starpulse:Miley’s portion of the presentation culminated with a live performance of her hit song ‘The Climb’ from Hannah Montana: The Movie. She gave a full bodied, A-list performance with a full back-up band, a glittering body skirt outfit and physical routine complete with impassioned gestures. She greeted the audience’s fanfare with love and blown kisses before taking her final bow.


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