Monthly Archives: November 2009

“I Wish My Sister Would Date Him”


Apparently Lindsay Lohan wishes her sister Alli Lohan would date Nick Jonas. On her twitter she wrote: he is such a mush!!! don’t you just love him! i wish my sister would date him! 🙂 – What do you think? Do you think Alli and Nick would be a good couple?


Carebears On Fire: Barbie Eat A Sandwich


So I just found this band and they’re called Carebears On Fire. They’re not new because They’ve been around since 2007 with their debut album I Stole Your Animal. They recently released their second album Get Over It in July Of This Year. This song is from their second album and the song is called Barbie Eat A Sandwich. What do you think?

Nick Talks About Miley


During an interview in a foreign country the interviewer asks Nick what the name of their sister was. But I think they were really talking about Miley cause one interviewer goes ‘What was her name?’ and the other interviewer with a really thick accent asks them what their sister’s name was so I think she got confused. Next you hear Nick say ‘I don’t know if we had one, I think it was *Long Pause then hesitation* Destiny.’ Then you hear the crowd scream Miley’s name. What do you think?

Miley Cyrus Halloween Interview


In this interview the guy interviewing Miley brings his 2 twin daughters along and they all ask Miley questions. They talk about Halloween Costumes, Sucking thumbs, Miley quitting twitter, she talks about why she quit twitter and about the whole Miley save fuzzy thing. They also talk about Sexy and the city, Party In The USA, Covering her dad’s song Achey Breaky Heart, Covering Britney Spear’s songs, How Miley gets on the TV, What she had for breakfast, the last movie she saw, what her favorite car is, favorite topping on a pizza, and her favorite Jonas Brother.