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Evan Taubenfeld: Merry Swiftmas + Lyrics


Here’s a song I found and thought was pretty funny. It’s by a guy  named Evan Taubenfeld and it’s called ‘Merry Swiftmas (even though I celebrate Chanukah)’  Leave a comment telling me what you think. I actually like the song. I think it’s so funny and original. I like songs like this. Open the post for the lyrics. Read the rest of this entry


The Results Are In…


So according to a poll that J-14 took Justin bieber is the ultime favorite new guy with Jackson Rathbone at #2, Frankie Jonas at #3, Lucas Till at #4 and Drake at #5. Open the post for more results including fave celeb twitter, best new moon scene, hottest band and fave new girl. Read the rest of this entry