Evan Taubenfeld: Merry Swiftmas + Lyrics


Here’s a song I found and thought was pretty funny. It’s by a guy  named Evan Taubenfeld and it’s called ‘Merry Swiftmas (even though I celebrate Chanukah)’  Leave a comment telling me what you think. I actually like the song. I think it’s so funny and original. I like songs like this. Open the post for the lyrics.Lyrics: Dear Santa, I don’t know if you’re listening but I’ve been pretty good this year. I don’t know if it matters that I celebrate Hanukah  but I hope you get my wish/ Hey, what do you know, it’s ti-ime for Christmas/ And I’ve been acting good all year/ I never been all that supersticious/ But that don’t mean I hate reindeer/ So Santa I don’t know if you’re listening/ I’m not quite sure how this works/ I want a good girl for hugging and kissing/ And not a headcase who only dates jerks/ I don’t need more toys and shiny things/ I just want a blond who likes to sing

So don’t put a bow on a box/ There’s no need to send Megan Fox/ I don’t need a big mansion/ So lets nix Scarlett Johansen/ There’ll be teardrops on my guitar/ If I end up with Amy Smart/ So Santa for my gift/ Please send me Taylor Swift, oh yeah

So Santa when you come down the chimney/ You can skip right pass the kitchen/ I know you’re sick of all the cookies/ So got you Fearless: Platinum Edition/ And no one will mess with her when she’s mine {when she’s mine}/ And Kanye will watch his mouth next time

So I’m gonna have to refuse/ If in comes Penelope Cruz/ If she is a bad girl I’m sending her back/ Cause Lindsay Lohan is whack {just like crack}/ I’d rather have Jason Mraz/ Then be stuck with Cameron Diaz/ So Santa for my gift/ Please send me Taylor Swift

I know her and I are gonna fit/ Taylor Taubenfeld has a ring to it

I’d rather be hanging alone/ Then making out with Emma Stone/ Yeah I’d rather get a subpoena/ Then kick it with Angelina/ And yeah, I’d probably shed a few tears/ If you mess up and send Britney Spears/ So Santa for my gift/ Please send me Taylor Swift, ooh yeah


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  1. OMG, I LOVE this song, especially since I love Taylor Swift. I heard it on the radio, and then I bought it for my iPod. I still listen to it EVERY DAY!

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