Taylor Momsen In Sugar Magazine


Check inside this post for her interview and her pictures in the magazine.

Is it hard to be taken seriously because you’re 16? ‘Sure… But I don’t understand it. Rockstars have always been young. Bob Dylan was 17 when he started, but I guess Disney killed that. There were a lot of Disney artists who are very bubblegum and cheery who happen to be the same age so they take away from me.’

On Miley Cyrus Comparison: ‘I listen to Oasis and The Beatles so I don’t know what Miley Cyrus is singing about. But apparently we’re the same age so people think we’re the same or something? Oh, and apparently I’m a worse role model than her. Well, I probably am!’

What Do You Think Abut Reality Stars Who Make Music? ‘When I was nine I wrote a song called Blackout. And I think that Heidi Montag just sang a song that a nine year old wrote. So, that’s what I think about that.’

How Do You Feel About Criticism? ‘The horrible things they say are funny. There was some headline that said ‘Taylor’s soul is as black as her eyeliner!’ I was peeing myself from laughing so hard. It’s hysterical. There are comments that are outrageously ridiculous.’

Does It Hurt? ‘Why would I care what Sally from Minnesota says? I’ve never met her and I probably never will. Perez disses on everyone and all he can say about me is that I’m so ugly. You can hate me all you want. I don’t care if you hate me. But don’t hate me for the sound bite that was spun to create a story, because that’s not who I really am at all.’


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