Better Hair: Jonas Or Bieber?


The cast of Camp Rock 2 talked to MTV about who had better hair, Justin Bieber or the Jonas Brothers. Read on to find out what they said.

Jasmine Richards: ‘I’m friends with the Jonas Brothers, and I do have to see them later on, but I know that Bieber has this whole swoop thingy. I’m gonna have to say Jonas Brothers only cause their hair’s great. But Bieber… Can I be in the middle?’

Chloe Bridges: ‘Well, there are three Jonas Brothers versus one Bieber, so I don’t know. They might win, however they both have good hair. It’s hard to say. It’s like vanilla versus chocolate. Do you like the straight or wavy? It’s like icecream flavors.’

Anna Maria Perez De Tagle: ‘Oh, the Jonases for sure! I mean, they all have different hairstyles, which is awesome. Justin Bieber has the one hairstyle. For sure the brothers!’


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  1. i think jb because his hair is so in perfect condition he probaly doesnt care though because i dont think he is the guy who is obsessed with his look he just probaly wants 2 look good because their is always a camera around him.

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