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Blacklight by One Call


Blacklight is a song by new group ‘One Call’ featuring Anthony ‘AG’ Gamlieli, former member of boy band NLT Justin Thorne and former members of Menudo Chris Moy and Jose Bordonada.


Taylor Swift: ‘Selena’s like a sister to me’


Taylor Swift talked about Selena Gomez in a recent interview with Radio Disney’s Ernie D. Taylor: ‘She and I are very similar. We are sort of like sisters in a lot of ways and the way we deal with each other is very sisterly. We both realize there is no cure for what we have, which is this need for love to make sense, and it just doesn’t, so we both just go to dinner and vent about it.’ What was Selena’s reaction to Speak Now? Taylor Said: … Read the rest of this entry

Pattie Mallette Looking For Attorney


Justin Bieber’s mother Pattie Mallette is currently looking for an attorney to protect her interests after concerns that she is being cut out of his career. Pattie started his career by posting videos of his performances online. She hasn’t read his recent biography and had no clue that he was coming out with a nail polish line until she heard it from the media. A source said… Read the rest of this entry