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Jessica Simpson In Glamour Magazine


In an pre-breakup interview with Glamour, Jessica Simpson discusses Tony, her divorce and the legacy she’d like to leave behind.

On relationships:
“I don’t regret anything I’ve gone through…. I don’t know what the future holds, but I hope that my life, as it is now, doesn’t change. I’m very happy and comfortable—it’s a great place to be in. If this article comes out and we’re not together, I’d still love [Tony], and he’d still be a huge part of who I am today.

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Jessica Simpson Offended American Indians


Jessica Simpson has pissed off more than just Tony Romo this time. Earlier this week, when asked if she would take back the pricey boat that she bought for former boy-toy Tony, she hastily responded with a no, saying, “I’m not an Indian giver.”

Her loaded response has created controversy and offended Native Americans across the country. Jacqueline L. Pata, the executive director of the National Congress of American Indians, explained that the term originated from the idea of native people giving and sharing with one another but that Read the rest of this entry