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Nick J. And Jordin S. For Reagan Youth


Nick Jonas and Jordin Sparks are big fans of 40th president Ronald Reagan and they are leading a committee of 35 prominent young people touched by his life. The National Youth Leadership Committeee of Ronald Reagan Centennial Celebration includes athletes, entertainers and student leaders who are under age 25. They’ve been inspired in a personal way by Reagan’s vision of freedom and his leadership. Nick said: ‘My father and my family were supporters of Reagan. I’m proud to be a part of this. It’s amazing.’ Jordin said: ‘It’s been really cool to tell my friends I’m a part of this. A good many of my friends have positive things to say about him.’


Camp Rock 2 Clips


Here are some clips from the upcoming movie Camp Rock 2 including a clip between Nick Jonas and Chloe Bridges’ characters. Check them out inside this post. Read the rest of this entry